Sunday, December 12, 2010

Article in the Mississippi Press...Misprint in Recipe!

Yesterday, I excitedly picked up the Mississippi Press to read an article on me winning a blue ribbon for my recipe, Buffalo Chicken Dip. I was interviewed, and my background in the culinary world was to be a focus of the article, along with various recipes. I was horrified and dismayed to see that my recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip was misprinted and someone had added an ingredient (in massive quantities, I might add) to my recipe. At no point in time does the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip have dry red wine added, let alone THREE QUARTS of it, as erroneously reported by the Mississippi Press. If you clipped the recipe, PLEASE make note of the fact that the addition of ANY dry red wine is a MISPRINT. I am very sorry for this error, even though I have no way of knowing who decided to add that ingredient. I worked two days, while ill, getting a holiday collection of recipes together at the request of my contact at the Mississippi Press. Not one of those recipes were printed...only the Buffalo Chicken Dip and a botched recipe, at that. I hope that this error does not reflect poorly on me, my recipes and my work in the culinary world, as I had no idea that my recipe would be that poorly represented.

I will be back soon to add more recipes. Have a very Merry Christmas and All the Best in 2011!